Sea Cargo

Our comprehensive range of Ocean Freight Forwarding Services is rendered across the globe. Being a proficient international ocean freight forwarder, we have carved a distinct name for ourselves. We have a team of experienced professionals, who understands the requirements of the clients and help in guide you through the complexities of international shipping.

Land/Ground Transportation

TOTAL is associated with reliable transport companies that deploy a large fleet of trucks to transport your containers on time. Dedicated to safe and reliable transport, we offer with confidence, a complete door to door personal service, land transport which provides a comprehensive distribution and delivery network. Based on our professional expertise, we do offer full or part load cargo transportation from anywhere to anywhere in the middle east countries UAE –Dubai-Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Oman, Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia – Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jordon, and other places by low bed, long bed and box type trailers. We provide best services in this region at a safe, competitive and economical mode of transportation, in a safe and sound condition.

Logistics & Warehousing

This is a vast and latest advanced development in Shipping Industry to offer a complete logistics solution on `1 STOP SHOP’ for single window clearance, offers TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION UNDER ONE ROOF. Total Shipping LLC provide a wide range of warehouse storage and distribution services which can be tailored to our customers' exact needs. With services ranging from pick and pack, racked and block stack pallet storage to container handling, TOTAL Shipping LLC truly are the link in your supply chain.

Air Cargo

To complement our extensive cargo network, TOTAL Shipping LLC offers a personalized scheduled air cargo service for customers who are working to tight deadlines. With our extensive air cargo coverage, we provide worldwide airfreight service to and from Dubai, Gulf, Middle East to most major cities around the world. Air freight shipments normally move on the next available flight to the specific destination. For you time-sensitive consignments, shipments are promptly booked upon customer's request. Our automated Freight Traffic & Booking System will generate a Booking Confirmation for each shipment, with the airway bill number and flight details. This will allow the customer first-hand information and booking details, before the shipment actually departs its origin.

Event Logistics

We cannot emphasize more the importance of event logistics management. Logistics composes the lifeblood of event planning. A poor logistics coordination or failed communication can make or break a flawlessly planned event. Even seasoned corporate event planners, or specialists in event planning logistics, key in every single detail to ensure precise resource management and specifications of an event. When we say logistics in the context of event, it means the flow of services between the event planner and the vendors. This also means freight forwarding various types of equipment to the Middle East/Asia and back – from trussing, stage gear, backline, lighting & sound equipment etc. There may be some intermediaries or leg runners but specifications of services are agreed between the two and solely confirmed or cleared by the issuing organization or company.

Our Clients